Ceiling Fans & Attic

Need to install a new ceiling fan or replace that old one? Don’t delay, call us today.

We are safe, reliable, and affordable. Our high quality ceiling fan installations will save you money and increase your comfort in any season.

And that’s not all!  We provide summer and winter switch options to ensure your comfort regardless of the season. Use the summer switch to re-circulate the cool air that settles close to the floor and lower your room temperature. Use the winter switch to push the warm air towards the floor for greater comfort.

Attic Fans
Want to save time and money in the long run?  Gable mounted attic-whole house fans last much longer and require less maintenance than the traditional fans. They are a little pricier than the run of the mill ceiling fan; but are worth it!

We install and service electrical connections on gable mounted attic and whole house exhaust fans. We also hard-wire fans placed on attic floors.

So why waste another minute waiting around?

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