Hazardous Locations

As a business establishment owner, it’s important to safeguard your employees against hazardous locations.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that every precaution is taken to prevent fire at your work site.

Electrical equipment can be a potential source of ignition through one of the THREE ways:

  1. Arcs and sparks
  2. High temperatures
  3. Electrical equipment failure

For more information about hazardous locations refer to National Electrical Code (NEC).  NEC defines hazardous locations as those areas where “fire or explosion hazards may exist due to flammable liquids, combustible dust, or ignitable fibers or flyings.”

It’s absolutely necessary to invest in hazardous location equipment to remain compliant with the NEC standards.  Hazardous location equipment, by virtue of its design and construction, eliminates the potential for atmosphere ignition.

NEC compliance is essential to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. We can help!

For additional information and assistance on hazardous locations, call us now.

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