Panels & Wiring

Are you worried about:

  • Old fuse panels or your electrical panel not tripping when it should?
  • Overloaded circuits?
  • Your insurance company’s refusal to renew your home insurance policy?

WARNING! You may be at risk for FIRES, power OUTAGES, overloading and doubling up.  If your home has outdated panels and wiring systems, your modern appliances may be too much for them to handle, putting your electrical system at risk. If you still have old panels and wiring systems in your home, it’s time for an electric panel upgrade!

Modern circuit breaker panels are more convenient, comply with safety standards and are designed to protect devices from electrical faults. They come with state-of-the-art sensitive circuitry that responds quickly to faults. Ground Fault circuit breakers and Arc Fault circuit breakers provide a superior level of protection for modern day appliances.

Upgrading the source of power distribution through a new panel not only protects your home and business from fire, it also ensures the safety of your family and employees.

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