Surge Protection

Modern technology is changing rapidly, make sure your home or business establishment is not left behind. You have the latest electronic equipment, but you also need to protect that equipment from destructive electric surges that can damage or completely destroy them in seconds!

Don’t take the risk of destroying your expensive electronics! Although your property may be grounded, your sensitive electronic equipment, appliances, and electrical devices may not be fully protected against powerful electrical surges. With the average cost of a power surge ranging anywhere from $ 5,000 to $ 20,000 for a household, you simply cannot afford to ignore the destructive effects of a power surge.

Modern Solution to Surge Protection
We offer foolproof surge protection for your entire property. A simple device connected to the main electrical service panel, monitors your grounding system for excessive voltage levels between neutral and ground.  Once this device detects an unusual voltage level, power is shut down before it affects your valuable appliances. . Whole house surge protection protects your internal electrical wiring – and the equipment plugged into each outlet.

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